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Data Analytics - AI/ML

Our engineers assist customers in leveraging data to empower their applications and enable mission functionality which they never dreamed possible. We start with the identification and integration of data and imagery, which is often siloed in the organization or simply not retained.  We assist in modernizing architecture to enable analysis that will most benefit the mission. Next, data is tagged so policies can be defined and data security enabled at an enterprise level. Neural Network Models are defined and trained using the data and applications, so patterns can be identified and behavior predicted.  As models are defined, they are incorporated into application workflows which trigger actions or alert mission analysts.
We help build applications that can correlate events hidden across a wide spectrum of data formats to produce actionable intelligence. We leverage Computer Vision to train our software to recognize imagery and automatically trigger logic and events that drastically improve mission success.

Cloud Professional Services

North Point Technology leads the industry in migrating on-premises data centers to secure, automated, on-demand, scalable cloud services. Our certified engineers will lead your organization on the path to the cloud, guiding you through decisions such as when and how to migrate in order to maximize your return on investment.

For new development, we will guide you through the decision process to find the technology best suited for your organization or project, considering cost, functionality, performance and scalability. We will help you define your Agile development rhythm; making use of continuous integration best practices to drive automated build, deploy and test mechanisms.

Combination Lock

Cyber Security

While the mission of protecting our country and citizens is critical, securing the tools and systems that aid in this protection is paramount.  North Point Technology’s Cyber Engineers follow our continually evolving methodology for hardening, detection and threat analysis.  We look at our customers’ enterprise holistically to evaluate and prioritize fixes to existing and potential security threats. 

With new development, we design security and information assurance from the onset, rather than an afterthought.  We deliver applications with fine-grained access controls granting user access to the information on a need-to-know basis.  This access controlled functionality often creates synergy by tagging data and transactions to user’s attributes and roles.  This, in turn, ties back to data analytics: capturing where, when, and who is using which applications or system functions.

Intelligence Lifecycle

Since our start in 2005 we have been engineering, implementing and integrating information technology systems to improve the Intelligence Lifecycle.  Not only is our staff skilled with the latest technical platforms, but we understand the mission. We understand the complexities of the evolving path to discover and acquire raw data, turn it into actionable intelligence and make sure it gets into the hands that need it.

From using AI/ML to help analysts improve the way they request products, to designing models that uncover patterns in data, our staff is an essential component to many enterprise intelligence systems.

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