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North Point is always developing new opportunities through engagements with our various customers and partners. Here are some of our most recent exciting efforts... 


Intelligence Ontology

North Point Technology is currently working a large project to develop and implement a common vocabulary for analysts to describe their intelligence observations. The challenge is providing a user interface that is intuitive while ensuring consistent descriptive data is captured. Once the data is stored in a structured manner, it can more easily and effectively be used by analytic models and processed using Artificial Intelligence.


Predictive Tipping

North Point Technology is enhancing the way analysts request imagery.  Acquisition of imagery is a complex process that requires significant industry knowledge.  We are currently working an effort to examine past analyst orders using AI/ML so future orders can be predicted and configured or even processed automatically - drastically reducing time to acquisition and increasing likelihood of capturing meaningful information.

Sea Bay

Cloud Migration

North Point Technology migrated one of the largest mission enterprise system to the AWS C2S cloud. This included the operational system as well as the software factory. The project was implemented in a phased approach, including a hybrid solution where database components were moved to the Oracle Cloud.  This hybrid architecture provides our customer the best of both worlds when it comes to functionality, performance, fault tolerance and value.


CI/CD Solutions

North Point Technology is implementing a solution to enable zero-downtime deployments for a large-scale mission critical system. The solution includes use of Oracle’s Edition Based Redefinition to allow a single database to support n and n+1 versions of the enterprise software system. With this functionality enabled, Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery is achieved by rolling out n+1 version of the software, testing and resolving issues, then exposing it to the larger operational user base.


Security Compliance

​North Point Technology has designed and implemented security solutions across all domains in support of the IC. We inventory all software and hardware system components and ensure compliance with applicable ICD 503, NIST RMF and FedRAMP guidelines. Our engineers have a deep understanding of the domain and can help correctly interpret security requirements. We have successfully obtained ATO as well as ongoing reaccreditation for both cloud-based (C2S) and on-prem solutions. Additionally, we are well versed in the various C&A enterprise solutions and practices being employed - i.e. Nessus/ACAS scanning and compliance with POA&M remediation.   

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