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North Point Technology, a Woman-Owned Small Business based in Reston, VA, was formed in 2005 with the belief that small business plays an integral role in our government's defense mission.  

The overarching dilemma facing many of the most essential federal mission systems is the inability to assemble and retain teams of highly skilled and driven technical engineers. Traditionally, the scope of these programs demand structure and stability at a scale that is only possible from one of a few large proven organizations. These organizations typically come with significant overhead. This overhead, along with their size, can restrict these organizations from recruiting and retaining the most capable members of the workforce.  

North Point Technology takes aim at solving this problem by recruiting highly skilled and motivated technologists, while retaining them by providing excellent compensation and benefits. We foster a culture of innovation by hiring like-minded engineers who have passion for their work and the mission. With our efficient business model, we can attract and retain top talent to facilitate critical mission needs.

Business Team





Lourdes joined North Point Technology in 2011 after having served in both Human Resources Senior Management and Finance roles at Deloitte and then Northrop Grumman TASC.  Lourdes built on the vision of employees being the company priority.  Lourdes was able to foster growth with the understanding of employee needs by structuring compensation, benefits and matching talent to roles that promote employee self interest.



Founder and President

Bryan founded North Point Technology in 2005 with the idea of building a company around technical people who have a passion for their work.  Prior to starting North Point, he served as a Senior Manager at BearingPoint (KPMG Consulting) where he implemented ERP systems and data analysis solutions for large companies such as GE Aircraft Engines, GE Capital and Canon Business Solutions.


VP - Cloud Technology and Cyber Security

Tyler joined the company in 2012 after over a decade of experience in large scale IT, and has represented North Point Technology on several mission contracts across multiple agencies within the IC. During that time he has been heavily involved in Federal cloud migration and adoption.  


Director - Data Science and Intelligence

David joined North Point Technology in 2017 looking to expand upon his technical and domain expertise after working more than 10 years in DoD UAS and Aerospace & Missile Defense contracts. His primary focus is on the technology and solutions necessary to ensure mission success for our customers.

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